Last Call!

Dear Yogis,

Nine days to take-off for the second Good Times Yoga Greek retreat! I still have one place and this is my last push to inspire you to take it up. Please pass this email on to anyone you might think would be interested in coming. Don’t wait till next year – we have no idea what time has in store for us! I have added information to my website; you can find this year’s timetable there and also a list of Ashtanga postures you are either familiar with or will definitely become familiar with.

There’s plenty in the tiny and exquisite seaside village of Kapsali to hearten your yoga and make you feel wondrously different. Yoga in our normal setting takes the edge off life's stresses but yoga in Kapsali is practiced at a whole new level. The body unwinds, hustle and bustle is wiped from the hard drive, the shoulders drop down to their rightful place, the hard-drive disappears! On the day we arrive, we will be greeted by 25°C and a clear sky, winds light and variable.

This year we have our own Shiatsu Massage practitioner, Evagelia, to treat our tested muscles. Come and practice yoga under Greek skies.  Pick and eat figs from surrounding trees after class. Sit in cafes, gaze at the sea and let the sound of the waves wash over you. Ahhhh, I can’t recommend it enough.

Home Studio

More loveliness in my Home Studio this week. I’m lucky enough to have new people join classes or take private sessions after coming across my website.  I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming new yogis this week and I can never quite believe how lucky I am to be the one introducing them to the benefits of yoga. I’ve seen such massive progression from people who were beginners not so long ago. As I write this only next Thursday is fully booked. Other classes next week have plenty of space. People seem to book a week or two in advance now.

Teacher Training

My teacher, Valentina Candiani, is offering her autumn teacher training course beginning Friday 14th October. Details on her website. I notice that another trainer, Lucas Rockwood in Barcelona, said that in ten years of his TT course, 3-5% of his graduates go on to make yoga their career and their livelihood. That means that the vast majority are taking these courses for their own interest and benefit. My motivation for taking Valentina’s course back in 2011 wasn’t very well defined but it felt completely right the minute I started the course.

In Other News

The ballot for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 is open. Grab life by the handlebars! The entry for the September 25th Ealing Half Marathon closes when places sell out. It’s an award-winning race: number one half marathon in the UK (twice) and number one for atmosphere. Get your medal!