Our Little Life is Rounded with a Dream

Dear Yogis,

We’re off to Greece on Sunday! When we get back the nights will properly start ‘drawing in’, bikes will need lights again, and a band of tanned yogis will be in your midst, all ashtangered up, aligned and enlightened!

Home Studio

There are no classes in my Home Studio until Thursday 22nd September. I have added two classes on Friday 23rd as a one-off in case any of you want to catch up on missed classes. While I’m away, here are a couple of places you could try for your yoga practice. Elena Sensei has a studio just at the top of Windsor Road where the old Allied Irish Bank used to be. As always, Yoga West in Acton has a bewildering array of wonderful teachers and a 30 day introductory offer. One more, Teresa Saliba’s Yoga First is in Corfton Road I’ve been meaning to go there ever since we met last year.

Yoga Family

Sad news that one of our yoga family has passed away. Lindsey, who practiced yoga at Eden Fitness, went to bed, fell asleep and left us in August, with summer still shining on her life. She was nowhere near her own autumn of fading light or winter's chill... but she left us anyway.

She enjoyed yoga, she was excited to be studying for a Creative Writing degree, she was a voice/speech coach and she always had music in her voice and a ready smile. She worked once as a chef on a yoga retreat making vegetarian food. I was hoping that we would one day work together under an azure sky in a far-away land. The last time I saw her she was swishing through Walpole Park with her amber beads and looking lovely. Lindsey Pearson 1960 – 2016.

Remember to tell people you love that you love them, or people you’re proud of that you’re proud of them, or if you called just to hear someone’s voice, tell them. My Old Uncle Bill told me on the phone recently that he just wanted to hear my voice... it gave me such joy!