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Yoga is about the people, not about the yoga
— Tania Shillam, Guru!
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Yoga Teacher Training

My teacher is Valentina Candiani. Her teacher training course runs over 9 weekends and has a modular structure. Each module contains in-depth analysis of postures, applied anatomy, chakras, teaching methodology, hands on adjustments and teaching practice. The course will take you on a comprehensive journey covering traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa discipline and contemporary forms of yoga practices. Teaching takes place on Friday evenings and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

This course follows a  modular structure, allowing flexibility. If you miss a module for whatever reason, Valentina will help you recover it by attending modules during other courses.

The Shakti Power Yoga Program will ensure that you have a fulfilling and supported experience, during and after your training. For more information please go to or contact Valentina on