Testimonials 2016

The retreat was so well run and organised by you and Lisa and the island as inviting and beautiful as the year before. The accommodation was great, the yoga was set at the right level and the farewell meal wonderful. An absolutely lovely week of yoga, great people and sunshine.
You & Lisa are so inspirational & I feel so blessed to have teachers like you in my life!
I had such a wonderful holiday thanks to you all. I know we are all so grateful and happy to have had such amazing yoga teaching from Lisa and Tania. It’s a grey morning in London but the sun is still in my heart and my little statue of Buddha in teaching position reminds me that life is to learn and this holiday has taught me so much that I will take forward.

Testimonials 2015

On a 5 month overseas journey, filled with many different adventures, my time on Kapsali participating in Good Times Yoga Retreat remains one of the biggest highlights of my trip. At first I was nervous, entering as both a stranger and a bit of a yoga novice. Imagine my luck, that from an internet search of ‘yoga retreats Europe’, I was able to meet a group of such wonderful and welcoming people, bask in the tranquillity of a beautiful Greek Island and create such a wonderful depth and appreciation in my yoga practice.

By the end of the first day all my nervousness turned into excitement for the week to come. My time spent in Kythira with this group was one of the best decisions I could have made!

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— Grace Watts

"I think we all fell in love with Kythira and can't wait to go back."

"I would definitely recommend the retreat to my near and dear ones."

"...had such a great time. It was special. Looking forward to the next one!"

"...it was a magical week and I know now why you hold Kapsali so dear to your heart."

"The level of yoga was high and that suited me too, and as a group I think you pitched the levels well, we all learned a lot and achieved a lot."

"I’m pleased to say I was pushed and that I found a lot of it difficult. It made me appreciate the Yin classes and savasana".

‘I absolutely loved all of the workshops we did! Being able to practice all of the complex moves like that really helped me... I think the real benefit of the retreat is the depth it gives to your yoga practice. Before I had participated in classes and had really like them but not really understood what’s going, why we do them and even the proper way to do things.’

"It was fabulous to go on a proper yoga retreat, I've been disappointed in the past and it put me off going for a while!! Both Tania & Lisa, the yoga teachers were phenomenal, really knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging and awe-inspiring!! Covered lots of different types and aspects of yoga, I could go on and on……..a testament is that most of the class of 2015 are booking for next year, including me!!"