Postcard from Kapsali Yoga Retreat

Dear Yogis,

Kapsali greetings September 16th 2016. As I write this I’m watching the full moon setting over Kapsali bay, about to disappear behind the mountain. The only sound is of the sea and of the hum of a generator from one of the boats moored in the black night. The lighthouse flashes and I can see car headlights snaking their way up the hairpin bends and disappear into the lights of the next village dotting the hilltop. It’s our last full day on the yoga retreat.

On the first day we asked people to get into groups and discuss what yoga means to them: how it makes them feel and have there been any milestone events in their yoga years. Each group had a similar reaction: yoga gives peace of mind, is calming, helps to get through tricky situations, and offers a safe place. One said it made her grateful and accepting. Another said it was a main pillar in her life. The practice has helped people through the loss of loved ones. All said they feel distinctly and positively different after a class. I wonder if any of this resonates with you.

The milestone question revealed the opposite aspect of yoga – the physical practice and the light bulb moments when a difficult posture becomes easy or when the fear disappeared. Headstands and arm balances are key in this confidence-building aspect of yoga practice. Whereas there were tears for the first question, there were broad smiles for the second. This conversation was unstoppable.

There. The moon is gone and one boat sails out of the bay. The hunters in the next apartment are getting ready for their morning hunt. They kill birds. Not everything is yogic here!

Home Studio

Classes are back on Thursday 22nd September. I have added two classes on Friday 23rd as a one-off in case any of you want to catch up on missed classes. Did any of you try other yoga classes? Elena Sensei, Yoga West, Teresa Saliba’ Yoga First?