Shooting Stars of our Kapsali Yoga Retreat

Dear Yogis.

I come back from the yoga retreat to autumn leaves, fallen conkers, cool equinox, darker mornings and autumn rain. The night before leaving I gazed for hours at the harvest moon and the glorious night sky and saw shooting stars. Here’s my wish upon a star; two yoga retreats next year! So, please let me know if you would be interested in an ‘early season’ retreat – perhaps early June - taught by me and Kiros, our Kytheran Ashtanga teacher. I’ll keep the September retreat so let me have your expression of interest if you fancy coming/returning.

Feedback Quotes

“The experience has deepened my understanding of yoga, but most importantly has left me feeling nourished!”
“You & Lisa are so inspirational & I feel so blessed to have teachers like you in my life!”
“Thank you for a wonderful break. I learned a lot, not just physically... You Can and you Do when there is love and support. 
“Everyone says I look fab, glowing. Someone said I look like I’ve had a facelift.”

Next Year

Alexandros, who owns Zeidoros (the amphitheatre, art centre and yoga deck), will increase the capacity of the deck and upgrade the space and shading. More room, more yogis, more achievements and more joy! A trip to Mylopotomos will be included next year - to eat in the pretty, open-air taverna, visit the beautiful waterfall and visit our retreat-friend, Sarah, who is a Herbalist and has a shop there. Massage was a huge hit this year and will be available again next.

Home Studio

My studio is positively Bikram in the summer but now back to normal temperatures. You can generate your own Ujjayi heat without passing out. Tonight (Friday 23rd) I have two extra classes (6.00 and 7.30) and there are still places if you’re free and fancy some Friday yogic company.