Your Yoga Sessions

Teachers: Tania Shillam, Lisa Lischak

Guest Teacher: Kiros Tzannes

Yoga sessions will begin on Monday morning, September 12th and continue every day through the week. Take the opportunity to deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga. We will have two sessions a day; one early morning session in the rising and warming sun and a workshop-style session in the early evening before retiring to a taverna. Please bring your own yoga mat, blocks and a belt. 


What Kind Of Yoga?

The morning classes will be an ashtanga/vinyasa class with me; we have a guest teacher from Kythera who will take us through the whole of the ‘Primary Series’, and Lisa is planning her afternoon workshops on backbending, arm balances, transitions and yoga philosophy.

The whole retreat is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series, though not exclusively so. There will be a chance with our guest teacher to experience the full primary series which has been described as ' the most concentrated aspect of the physical practices of yoga'. Before that session we will break it down into the first half and the second half in preparation.

The full primary series takes around 90 minutes of concentrated effort so it's a session that takes some courage and stamina as we don't get too much opportunity to go to classes such as this in gyms. It includes headstand, shoulder stand and arm balances. It also includes a huge hit of satisfaction when you've finished.

You can find a PDF copy of the Ashtanga List Of Primary Series Postures on my Yoga Practice Downloads page.


My Fellow Teacher

"Lisa is a teacher of power vinyasa yoga with a particular penchant for all things arm balancing and inverting. She is a dedicated student of the Ashtanga yoga system and regularly travels to learn with her teachers in the US and Finland. Yoga to Lisa is the unique combination of mental respite and physical challenge. She encourages others to explore the limitless potential of the body and mind and become increasingly skilled at the practice.

Lisa has trained with Valentina Candiani of Shakti Power Yoga School (RYT-200), David Swenson (Ashtanga Teacher Training, Primary Series) and is this year, 2017, training further with Manju Jois (the son of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, father of Ashtanga yoga) and David Swenson (Ashtanga Teacher Training, Intermediate Series), as well continuing to work towards her 500 hour teaching certification with Tiffany Cruickshank of Yoga Medicine."