Yoga Presents

Dear Yogis.

I can see that people are already planning their New Year Resolutions. New people are booking places in my Home Studio and I’m getting enquiries about introducing yoga at work. It’s exciting.

Talking of the New Year... Triyoga is offering its yearly New Year's Day free classes. Any donations go to local charities.

Home Studio

My lucky home studio last week welcomed new yogis, full classes, near-empty classes and total fun. (I mean enlightenment!) There are plenty of places left in my Home Studio classes next week. Book a place! (I won’t be holding classes here in between Christmas and the new year.)


‘Tis the season to be jolly. Here are some present ideas for the yogi in your life! A perennial favourite is the ‘I’m Only Here For The Savasana’ T shirt. Although I’ve never actually seen it in class, I know that's what you're thinking! I have it on good authority that Ohmme yoga pants for guys is a great gift. If you are thinking of getting a mat, or asking for one, take a look at the Friday Emails I have written on the subject here and also here. I know how some of you slip slide away in your Downward Facing Dog and it’s not all that conducive to meditation! Kino MacGregor’s chanting CD is gorgeous. I noticed that TK Maxx has yoga Dharma Wheels and Manuka mat cleaner for a stocking filler. I also noticed some Calmia Ultra Grip Vinyasa mats too for around £30. People who come to my Home Studio love the Feet Up Stool to help with no-pressure headstands/inversions. And here are some ideas about yoga jewellery. If it tickles you to see cats in yoga postures, see here. Finally, expensively, a ticket for Yoga at The Shard would be a real treat.

Yoga in the News

50 Cent tried yoga for the first time. It’s a rapper-type reaction to yoga = all these hot chicks do it so it can’t be that difficult... Hilarious.

Have an exciting, pre-Christmas week.