Cat on a Mat

Dear wonderful Yogis
I often get asked about yoga mats. The majority of you cope manfully on slippy gym mats! Here are the ones I use in my home studio:

Calyana caught my attention at The Yoga Show last year. I was in a workshop and was incredibly impressed with the thickness, grip, and how delightful it felt. £50 but they probably will be cheaper at the Yoga Show.

Atmananda is the expensive one. I was given the first one by the NY yoga teacher/mat designer. It has hand and feet outlines, a line for the 45-degree angle of the foot in warrior poses and it comes in three sizes. It's heavy, though, but I think it's nice if you want to inspire your home practice. £75

Lululemon’s ‘Un Mat’ was given to me in a really beautiful and unexpected act if generosity and it subsequently inspired lots of yogis in my classes to get one. It's thin and designed to go on top of the gym mat. It has a grippy side and a smooth side. It's very light. I think everyone who bought one loved it. If you do a free class at a Lululemon shop, you get to try out their mats. £42

Home Studio

You can try the mats here in my home studio. Book a class! Have a go! Classes this month are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As I write this, Monday and Tuesday (the yin-like classes) are full. At the moment I’m not teaching on Thursday evenings in my Home Studio while so many of you are on holiday. This means you can have a private class at that time or get me into your workplace and have a go at a corporate class with your colleagues. 

This week was slightly blighted by cancellations. Please understand that I can’t fill a spot with only an hour’s notice of a cancellation – much less 10 minutes notice or simple no-shows  I can’t use my waiting list which is a shame.  

Greek Yoga Retreat

Our Yoga Adventure is in just over a month from now. Now is the time to pay in full if you haven’t already! I have updated this website to give more details including a description of the level of difficulty and a new review of last year.