Off-Piste Yoga Paradise

Dear Yogis,

Last weekend’s workshops I attended with Danny Paradise were so much fun that I urge you to book yourself a place if you ever get the opportunity. We started in the traditional ashtanga way and soon went off-piste (suddenly we're in ‘Bird of Paradise’!). He said: “Yoga practise is play; it isn’t dogma” and he handed out more and more yoga poses like giving sweets to children. We were greedy and excited to try more. He emphasised: ‘Yoga is designed to create independence and freedom. There is no guru. There is no intermediary. These techniques are designed for you to create mastery in your own life’. He was fun and deep at the same time, as it should be.

Home Studio

Next week the classes in my home studio are all full with waiting lists so I have added an extra class on Monday at 18.00-19.00. You can book as usual through the website. If it suits you, I’ll keep that class at that time.

Greek Yoga Retreat

A month from now, on September 12th, we will be practicing for the first time in the open, under a Greek sky, in Kythera. Our guest teacher last year told us that Kapsali Bay, shaped like an ‘Om’, has healing properties. I believe him! Lisa and I have agreed on a timetable and I will be sending that out to those who are coming and to you if you are interested. One more place has become available so you can take this opportunity to treat yourself to a week of yoga in the warmth and friendliness of Kapsali Bay. If you are planning to take a holiday on your own this is perfect for you. Most of our group are solo travellers.

Yoga Podcast

As usual, I find Lucas Rockwood a really easy, informative and entertaining listen. This week he talks about how to appeal to men and get them to practice yoga. Does gender dictate fitness preferences? What are the differences between how men and women keep fit? His guest talks about strength training that yoga can’t provide - that nothing in yoga mimics the pull-up or rowing motion with resistance. He says yoga should be only one component of your fitness routine.

Next week

After my hit & run last year, the solicitors have agreed to provide physiotherapy which starts next week. The therapist promises to be tough! That probably means he’ll use the dreaded elbow in my painful points... and I think next week’s Friday Email will be comic.