Happy Vegan Detoxed Christmas!

Dear Yogis.

Twas the last email before Christmas.... Before I settle my brain for a long winter’s nap I need to say a huge thank you to the Home Studio yogis, corporate yogis, gym yogis, BJJ yogis, the Greek Retreat yogis and, of course, to all the new yogis. You are all a joy to teach, always. It is said that you never regret taking a yoga class and that you always feel better after the class than you did before the class. Teaching is the same. I owe that to you.


I’ve been thinking about useful postures for digestion this week. You really only need three or four. If your stomach feels like concrete you don’t need too much movement. Try these and don’t rush through them:

1.    Lie on the back and pull both knees into the chest. Massage the back.

2.    Pull one knee into the chest and straighten the other leg – then swap sides

3.    Pull both knees into the chest then drop the knees to the right for a twist - then swap sides.

4.    Happy Baby Posture. Pull both knees into the chest. Part the knees. Bring your elbows in-between the knees. Let the arms cross in front of the shins and take hold of the feet. Show the soles of the feet to the ceiling and pull downwards - pulling the knees towards the armpits.

5.    Happy Baby is very much like squat pose. From Downward Facing Dog, step the feet forward to come outside the hands and lower into squat. Put support under the heels if you need it or support the back against the wall. Just stay there.

6.    Finally, instead of Childs pose, try ‘Puppy Dog’. From Table Top / hands and knees on the floor, walk the hands as far forward as they’ll go and put the forehead on the floor. Feel the armpits and chest sink downwards. It’s a back stretch. Perhaps lift the gaze and put the chin on the floor. This is a great abdomen stretch.

7.    Go back to the posture that feels the best.

Also, I’ve been looking at juicing detox recipes on the website of the nation’s juicer-in-chief, Jason Vale. He offers a free download of recipes.

Home Studio

I don’t plan to do any classes here next week. I had planned to make my escape. I’ll let you know if I stay around and put on classes.

Favourite Vegan Jokes

I’ve mentioned before, I’m the total cliché of a vegan yoga teacher. I’m attaching my favourite vegan joke of yesteryear. (My contribution to the Christmas table is a ‘Chestnut Paté en Crôute´. It’s pretty easy and amazingly tasty.)

 Happy Christmas