Secret History of Yoga

Dear Yogis,

The new on Wednesday after class got off to a wonderful start. Eleven yogis for a 2.30 class is absolutely amazing and I know it will build. When I started the Friday class it had a regular 11-14 people. It is double that now. Just a note about the Friday class... Management need to know if you would be happy to move the class forward to 9.15, or earlier. It’s your class so please let your voice be heard.

International Yoga Day

I had a great IYD on Tuesday. I taught  a new class with new yogis and some complete beginners. I’m told that the class inspired a couple of converts. It just couldn’t be better. One guy said he didn’t realise yoga was such hard work! Would more guys turn up if they knew it was a chance to show off the biceps? 

I wonder if you managed to catch this programme on Radio 4: The Secret History of Yoga . The programme discusses the roots of modern yoga with Dr Mark Singleton who wrote one of my favourite books: Yoga Body. It’s a lovely half-hour listen


This weekend I’ll be at a workshop in Exeter huffing and puffing my way through an Ashtanga Second Series Intensive. I’m aching at the thought. There are places left if you want to hot-foot to Exeter: . Whereas the first series is called the Yoga Chikitsa, meaning yoga therapy because of the cleansing and toning, the second is ‘Nadi Shodana’ which is nerve cleansing. Hmmm... on the agenda is ‘putting the leg behind the head'. I think major surgery might be involved!

Free Yoga

There is free yoga in the park this summer courtesy of Yoga West, our own west London yoga studio. The first one is tomorrow, 25th June, 2-3:15 pm with Christian Coelho. He’s an absolutely wonderful teacher. 

Greek Retreat

Thank you to those who have either paid up in full or have made your next instalment. I can’t wait to get out there and teach in the warmth of the Greek sun. There are still people who are interested in coming and, of course, you are very welcome. Pop me a line and let me know if you have any questions.

Home Studio

By the time I write my Friday email, places are already booked for next week. If you haven’t tried a small, tailored class, come and have a go. It’s a great environment for complete beginners or advanced Ashtangis. Drop me a line if you have any questions about what evening might suit you.