How to Please Your Yoga Teacher

This is a survey I conducted for International Yoga Day. I asked yogis from my classes past and present to help me compile a Top Ten list of How to Please your Yoga Teacher. Here's what they said:

The list so far:

1.    Identify your right and left correctly! If your teacher instructs the class to lead with the right foot, try your best to lead with the right foot Failing that, get a GPS-equipped mat.

2.    Enjoy the class. Teachers respond to grins or laughs... or groans. Enjoy plank! If you don't, pretend or you'll have to do more.

3.    Bring a friend, partner or family member. Teachers love it when you put your faith in their class and bring someone special.

4.    Teachers like it when you use yoga props. If you are struggling, it's not cool to have the teacher run around the class getting blocks and belts for you.

5.    Get your game on! Do your best. Concentrate. Meditate. Play your A game. They love good effort. 

6.    A shower before class pleases everyone, not just the teacher. Freshly laundered gear is a good idea. Smelly feet are never a good idea.

7.    Checking your mobile phone during the class is not yoga. Don’t answer a call. Don’t rush out of the studio saying ‘I’m in my yoga class’!

8.    Falling asleep in Savasana and snoring loudly is quite funny. It's OK though. 

9.    Don’t say “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”. The teacher will roll their eyes.

10. Your teacher thinks you’re amazing. You should too. (That one is from me!)