Dear Yogis,

I have a new gym yoga class starting today! It’s at Eden Fitness in Eaing where the demand has been high for more yoga. The new class will be at 2.30 every Wednesday. It’s a trial run for three months and it’s at an odd time... but we can make it work. I’m a big fan of Eden Fitness and it’s the only gym I teach in regularly. The Friday morning class was my first regular class after qualifying as a yoga teacher. It has been an absolute joy to teach there and see the numbers double in size.

International Yoga Day

It’s on the 21st which is next Tuesday. This weekend there will be a lot of free events, the biggest of which is at Alexander Palace. David Sye will be taking a 30 minute session and he’s worth checking out – he’s such fun, though he won’t have the tequila for this session! Here is the day’s showguide:

Father’s Day

Our newest Ealing gym, Tribeca in The Mall, invites you to bring a father for free this Sunday. This applies to all classes but there is a Total Beginner Yoga class at 12.45 for just 45 minutes. Email with the name, number and email address of the dad. There are two days left of Triyoga’s offer to bring a dad. Details here:


This Sunday I’ll be doing an inversions workshop at Yoga West with Christian Coelho. It’s £22.50 for two hours from 14:00-16:00. Come with me – especially if you’ve never experienced a workshop before.

Greek Retreat

Many of you have either paid up in full or have made installments. We have only a couple of months left so please make sure the payment doesn’t come as a shock at the end of August. There are still people who are interested in coming and, of course, you are very welcome. Pop me a line and let me know if you have any questions.

Home Studio

Plenty of loveliness in my Home Studio this week including a private session which was mostly about core work! Wow! After that I fed some of those postures into all of my classes. Every week in every class you inspire me.