Yoga in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Dear Yogis,

It’s the holy month of Ramadan so very best wishes to those who are observing. Happy Ramadan! I have some yogis who decide to give up yoga for the duration and some who stay with the practice and find it very helpful. If you do decide to come to class, please let me know if you’re fasting. You won’t need a power/ashtanga/vinyasa/ full-on practice. You’ll need a more restorative and introspective practice - possibly in the evening. A yogi that I teach privately twice a week wanted me to say that he finds yoga very helpful during Ramadan; it helps with focus and mindfulness... as well as digestion. Also, you may feel the postures, especially the twists, in a different way. Call me if you have any questions. If you're interested in special classes for you and you're friends who are observing, give me a call or email.

For the rest of us, we are supposed to practice in the morning on an empty stomach! Perhaps you can use this month to give it a go. For some, there is a better meditative quality this way. Yoga, after all, helps us create a sense of peace and quiet; we relax the mind and allow our best selves to come to the fore. Try your yoga practice when the system isn’t using precious energy on digesting.

Free Yoga

Triyoga suggests that you ‘Bring a Dad for Free to celebrate father’s day from June 13th to 19th.  The definition of ‘a dad’ is ‘your own dad, husband, granddad, a friend - simply anyone who is a dad’. 

Greek Retreat

There are still places. We have more capacity than last year because, just for us, my friend and owner of the amphitheatre is building another yoga deck. The capacity was 12 last year which was our group plus the Kytherans who joined us. We easily and naturally get to know people from the island by sharing our practice. Kapsali is so small that the friendliness level is higher than that of any other yoga retreat! (My ego tells me so!) 

Home Studio

I spotted Traffic Wardens being trained up by Ealing Council this week. So far, those of you who come for the 7.30 classes on Monday and Tuesday evening haven't been caught... I propose we actually start the class at 7.35 so that no one takes a minutes' risk! 


Thank you for your responses to my very light-hearted survey for a Top Ten list of How to Please your Yoga Teacher for International Yoga Day. Thank you to the yogis who contributed: ‘Don’t fall asleep in Savasana and snore loudly‘(actually, that hardly ever happens!) and ‘Don’t say “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”’ (that happens all the time!). And thank you to the yogi who said that ‘yoga is like a breath of fresh air running through the body’. Not a survey response but what a nice thing! Send suggestions that are fun and entertaining, intelligible to non yogis, short... and broadcastable!