40 Years of Yoga

Dear Yogis,

Eva Perry, a yogi who comes to my Home Studio, doesn’t mind me telling you that she is 82 years-old. At 40-years-old a doctor told her that she would be in a wheelchair within the year. She didn’t like the sound of that so took up yoga. For 10 years she did yoga then joined a gym (Stripes in Ealing) and went five times a week to every type of class.  My lucky home studio is blessed to have her practice here every week. I attach the picture of Eva in a headstand to inspire you. The picture is also permanently on the Studio Classes in London pageI showed it to a yoga teacher friend of mine who said: “I can see the energy in her legs – superb!”. To be honest, she has wonderful energy naturally! Age and doctors' predictions are no barrier. 


Join me for any of these if you fancy trying out a concentrated workshop. It’s entirely different from an hour’s class in a gym or in the workplace. To recap, these are the ones I’ve signed up to. April 9th is Quest For The press with Ambra Vallo at Indaba. April 16th is a Moon Sequence Workshop at Coco Club in Hammersmith. April 22nd is Become a Handstand Hero at Indaba. And the talk at the British Museum, Yoga: Austerity, Passion and Peace, is next Friday at 18.30.

Home Studio

It was another absolute joy yesterday in class when a trainee yoga teacher took over a segment of the class and taught. Only a fraction of the way through her Triyoga Teacher Training course, it was wonderful to see her take command of the room and teach seamlessly and with growing confidence. And thank you to everyone who books online and for coming here with bags full of energy and enthusiasm and beautiful spirit to share with me and each other.

Yoga ‘n’ Chill Retreat

Thank you, again, to those who posted the link on your social media. The first retreat has filled up so quickly because those who came last year have press-ganged friends and family into coming. There’s still plenty of room on the second retreat. I have visited this small corner of Greece for well over a decade when I used to play in an orchestra. We used to rehearse all week then give a concert in the very amphitheatre that now has a yoga deck. Yoga classes take place there throughout the summer season and then my retreat happens right at the end of the season – so far the only retreat to take place there. It is a unique place, with plenty of wow-factor, and a unique yoga retreat. Get in touch if you want to discuss coming along.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.