Do The Right Thing

Dear Yogis,

I often think about what to write in this email on my Sunday run. I try to think of yoga lessons and insights... This week, I got to Kew Bridge and found a cyclist had been in a hit & run (or open-the-passenger-car-door and run). Cyclist in shock; first-aider in charge; ambulance called; Cervélo bike un-rideable. A guy came along who turned out to be a trauma surgeon and checked him out. Two other runners came along and said they were doctors and could they help. The local Sainsbury’s lent a huge jacket to keep him warm. Others were waiting for the ambulance. It brought back, of course, memories of my own hit & run; lying on the tarmac and feeling surrounded by the kindness and concern of strangers. It reminded me that there is such an overwhelming amount of caring people with beautiful hearts out there. We just need to win, that’s all!


I mentioned before that I would let you know what workshops I’ll be attending in case you might want to have a go at something other than a class. On Saturday April 9th I’ve signed up for Quest For The press with Ambra Vallo at Indaba. It’s about developing exercises and drills to build up strength and stability for arm balances, inversions and ‘floating’.  On Saturday April 16th I’ll be going to a Moon Sequence Workshop. Click here for details. The wonderful teacher, Mike Conroy, credits the Moon Sequence for the flexibility he enjoys. Believe me, he enjoys flexibility... that’s why I’m going! I’m also considering Become a Handstand Hero at Indaba on Friday April 22nd.


It’s finished! It’s transformed! Thank you for the positive feedback and thank you for booking classes online. I have passed on all comments to the web designer who is delighted. If you need help with your website then let me know and I will pass on her details.

Second Greek Yoga Retreat

I’ve put together a poster for the Yoga ‘n’ Chill retreat. A couple of you offered to put it up in your office. Many thanks for your interest and support. If you would like me to send it to you, I can do that. And thank you to those who posted the link on your social media. It’s very much appreciated. This is the retreat that would be great for all levels. If you don’t feel like you’re the ‘type’ that would do a yoga retreat, then this is for you. It has a great balance of yoga and holiday. You won’t be overwhelmed by yoga. Whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, get in touch.

Have a lovely Easter break