Helping or Hurting?

Dear Yogis

I’d like to introduce you to Lucas Rockwood and his Yoga Talk Show. It’s always a great listen. He often interviews big names in the yoga world. This week he starts his show with observations about running and yoga... Nice timing with the London Marathon coming. He always talks about nutrition. That’s his beef! He doesn’t stick to one type of diet; he talks about everything from paleo to vegan diets to genetically modified food. He asks; ‘Is your diet helping or hurting?’ He’s based in Barcelona, runs a studio and does teacher training in Thailand. He’s easy to listen to because his voice is so friendly.


Triyoga Chelsea is celebrate World Health Day with its usual bring a friend for free from 07 to 10 April. Yes, it started yesterday! This year, the focus is to ‘Beat Diabetes’. Let’s go!


I get asked about sciatica at regular intervals I’ve had it myself and, if all the medical issues I get asked about, this is the one that is clearly ahead. Here’s a nice article on the subject and if you don’t feel like reading, there are pictures!

In Our Group

This is from CaiJia and David who are yogis in my Home Studio: “Do you know anyone aged 8-14 who would enjoy being creative, making kites, drawing, and building an outdoor structure? "Artkitecture" - art, kites and architecture

“Architectural designer David Shanks and art teacher Cai Jia Eng are running a week-long art and architecture camp for 8-14 year olds from 18th-22nd July, from 9am-5pm every day. The art, design and architecture workshop is a fun and unique opportunity for children to work together to create their own paper kites, models and a pavilion in the Art Rooms and beautiful grounds of St Augustine's Priory, W5. Perfect for any budding artists or designers who want to get hands on!

“Booking information and more details available at, or email if you have any questions. “

Yoga ‘n’ Chill Retreat

Loads of you have asked for a poster to put up at work so I have attached it to this email. Thank you very much. Thank you, again, to those who posted the link on your social media. Get in touch if you want to discuss coming along. Individuals, groups and corporate groups welcome.