Moon Sequence and Male Mula Bandha

Dear Yogis,

Tomorrow afternoon (16th April), my teacher, Valentina Candiani, is hosting a Moon Sequence Workshop in Hammersmith. I urge you to try it out. Mike Conroy, who is leading the workshop, says; “The Moon Sequence is particularly good for opening the hips and shoulders and preparing for backbends”.  Mike credits this practice for his ever increasing flexibility. You will find familiar poses (pigeon, cat/cow, camel, crescent moon) and reference to the breath, bandas and drishti. It ends with a relaxation sequence against the wall. There are no spectacular inversions, no weight bearing jump-backs, no constant repetition of chaturanga. It’s good for beginners, advanced, Ashtangis and will give new information to teachers to include in their classes. It leaves a deeper sense of peace and contentment. Here’s a link:


I went to the British Museum for the Yoga: Austerity Passion and Peace talk last Friday. I found the first speaker, Jason Birch from the Hatha Yoga Project the most interesting and mercifully short. He showed the earliest (1159CE) bilingual yoga text – Sanskrit and Tibetan. I liked that! Yoga shared across borders through the centuries. I’m sure they didn’t worry too much about cultural appropriation. You can see his 4 minute presentation here:

Home Studio

Hilarity overtook the class on Wednesday when we focused on the pelvic floor. Particular thanks to participants who made me use graphic description on how to engage the pelvic floor... for men!!!! I might do a You Tube on this!

Classes get booked up online now. Even technophobes are booking online. Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel, preferably 24 hours.

Yoga ‘n’ Chill Retreat

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”! I saw this quote on Facebook... and like it! This is what a yoga retreat is like. So much try or achieve as you look out over the day. So much tried or achieved as you look back on the day.

Join up! Come! You know you want to!