Physio or Yoga?

Dear Yogis,

I sometimes get questions about very, very specific injuries and conditions such as yoga for post meniscus surgery or rotator cuff injury. Other questions that crop up are to do with the upper hamstring insertion pain or many and various back pains. Please see a physio and follow their advice. There’s nothing like their expert analysis. They’ve studied hard for exactly your visit! If you want a recommendation, I have a suggestion of a physio in Ladbroke Grove. I couldn't have healed properly after being knocked off my bike with just yoga - much as I love yoga and it's wondrous benefits. After seeing a physio, a yoga teacher can step in with suggestions that will support the physio advice.

Home Studio

Something really nice is happening in my small yoga studio. People are coming along with family members and friends. I have to admit that I don’t like to go to a yoga studio on my own. Why would i?! I like to share yoga and have fun with a friend. This seems to be happening naturally in my Home Studio. Long-timers know each other anyway and newcomers are quickly made to feel like regulars. Book a place! 

Please don’t forget to give me as much notice as you can if you can’t make it to class. Your confirmation email gives you the option of cancelling and the class will show up on the website for someone else to book.

Yoga in the News

Mick Jagger is in the news for being and Aerial Yoga practitioner. All the articles are so badly written, though, that I can’t include them! This is more interesting... and baffling. There are almost 20,000 unemployed yoga teachers in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand who have a long-standing ‘demand for jobs in state owned schools’. According to this article, ‘In the past, these agitated teachers have held many protests, rallies and demonstrations besides burning effigies of the government officials/ministers and threatening self-immolation.’ Gosh!