Clocks Backbend

Dear Yogis,

Clocks go back this weekend in the UK. Enjoy the coming descent into the darkness of winter, our major celebration in the depths of the winter with lights, food and presents, and our climb back up into the Spring light accompanied by snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils...  It’s a metaphor! Even in the darkest times there can be family, friends, support and celebration. And the lighter, warmer days are coming. Once the sun is on our faces again, we forget how cold the winter was!

Home Studio

My lucky little home studio had the pleasure of full classes this week and wonderful yogis who bring their best to the class. Out of the blue yesterday a film crew and presenter from SAT-7 TV turned up in need of a backdrop for their filming! (It’s a Christian TV network for the Middle East and North Africa.) This is the first time my little studio has been used like this. (I must do some advertising around Ealing studios!) SAT-7 needed to film a piece about posture in early pregnancy. Apparently the programme will be aired in Iran in five months’ time! 

Come to class! Don’t delay in booking your place. Now that the evenings are darker, the classes seem to be in big demand. The regulars have booked and a few spots remain. Shoes Off And Game On!

Yoga in the News

What’s going on? The Radio 4 Today Programme is talking about yoga... The Times and The Guardian too. It’s all about establishing National Occupational Standards for Yoga. It involves money, politics, history and control. It’s pretty hilarious. (If you want to listen to the Radio 4 piece, wind forward to 8.49. I have to admit, it’s a bit like listening to paint dry.) 

In Our Yoga Community

Raakhee has sent up a business and life coaching agency called Backbone Thinking. She believes that many of us trudge along without knowing our true purpose and what really motivates us. That was me! I definitely know people who need help to balance the demands of work, the need to earn and the absolute necessity of saving their health and well-being. (You know who you are!) Raakhee is offering a free half hour consultation so if you are interested please visit or call her on 07834374089


Well, I’ve mentioned David Sye and his Tequila Yoga a few times!  I did his workshop at the Yoga Show and after laughing and grinning with every tooth the whole way through, I decided on following his teacher training programme, if he will have me. He interviews all applicants. If you’re interested in joining me, let me know.