Aretha Franklin: The Imperishable Spirit

Dear Yogis

I’ve been crying on and off all day about the passing of Aretha Franklin. I’m left wondering about how I find myself wallowing in the glory of grief when I talk so often about stilling the fluctuations of the mind, observing thoughts with non-attachment and making the mind a more skilful instrument for our daily use! With all that, why have I watched Aretha’s Nessun Dorma 10 times in a row?

Feelings are transitory and impermanent, says the Bhagavad Gita, as is physical body. Yes… we know that, but here’s what we also know when someone has permanent residence our hearts, even decades after they departed: “No one can destroy the imperishable Spirit”.  “The Spirit is neither born nor does it die at any time. It does not come into being, or cease to exist. It is unborn, eternal, permanent, and primeval. The Spirit is not destroyed when the body is destroyed“. “The Spirit is said to be unexplainable, incomprehensible, and unchanging. Knowing the Spirit as such you should not grieve.”

OK. But just for today I want to feel utterly connected and attached and have mushy feelings and a grieving heart… I’ll be day late for my enlightenment!

Kythera Retreats

Here are some articles about beautiful Kythera. This first one was published in The Guardian days before our first retreat in 2015: ‘Is Kythira the perfect Greek island?’ Yup!

This is an article about one of the boats of booty belonging to Lord Elgin, the Mentor, which was transporting 17 crates Parthenon sculptures to England. It didn’t make it! It sank in Avlemonas, a beautiful port village of Kythera.

This sweet little film for children ‘I am the Lion of Kythera’ by the Archaeological Museum of Kythera is one of the 12 finalists for the Museums in Short 2018, the winner to be announced on the 31st of this month.

You can still sign up and join us on this magical island yoga retreat. Details are on the retreat pages on my website.

Home Studio

More newcomers to my little Home Studio and to yoga joined us this week. It’s such a delight to see how old and new students come with friends and family for a taste of yoga’s magic dust. There are, so far, plenty of spaces next week. You can see what’s available here. (I update this before posting this email.)  You can book here.


The Om Yoga Show is on 19th, 20th & 21st October 2018 at Alexandra Palace and the programme is out. I was just about running out of air and in need of a David Sye Yogabeats Revolution fix. He's back with his tequila and chocolate and 'funky grooves' and endless positivity.  By unfortunate coincidence on the same weekend  Danny Paradise is back at Triyoga Soho. He’s such enormous fun. 

This looks interesting. Christopher Hareesh Wallis: a world come alive: fundamentals of tantric yoga on Fri, 28 September to Sun, 30 September in Triyoga Camden. Whenever I have trained with a Tantric Yoga teacher I have loved it.

Yoga in the news

'Breathe Easy' says the Dhaka Tribune in an article about how to alleviate Asthma.  The article gives a description of the inflammation that triggers the asthma chain reaction and describes how yoga calms and controls respiratory muscles. The article gives postures for asthma sufferers – backbends… which open up and stretch the front chest.

I’ll say a little prayer for you weekend.

Bhagavad Gita Chaptegr 2 Weapons do not cut the Spirit.jpg