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Dear Yogis

I taught Restorative Yoga recently (more props than postures!) and so investigated the background and aim of the practice. Judith Lasater, a student of Iyengar in Pune, first popularised the Restorative Yoga. She says: ‘Mr Iyengar conducted special therapeutic classes for those with a variety of ailments. Many had been referred by physicians.’ ‘Each person had a personalized series of passive postures supported by various combinations of pillow, folded or rolled blankets, and odd pieces of furniture’. Judith was also cured of her pain from Endometriosis and Iyengar, as a boy, had typhoid, tuberculosis and malaria and was sent learn yoga to improve his health – which it did!

The story of how Ashtanga came to have a home in the Mysore Palace was because the Maharaja fell ill, was failed by doctors and cured by Krishnamacharya, the teacher of Iyengar and Jois, through yoga therapy. Doctors would commonly send patients to Pattabhi Jois in Mysore.

Fast forward to today. I was lucky enough to talk to a yogi in Eden Fitness, Ealing, who was referred to an NHS yoga therapist for arthritis and it ‘changed her world’. She said her therapy involves loads of chanting and it works! Her therapist is Vidhi Sohdi who has researched yoga for diabetes, rheumatic conditions, back pain, and did the first in UK pilot study of Yoga Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis at Central Middlesex Hospital. It turns out that there are many medical and Ayurvedic practitioners researching individualised yoga intervention and its role and potential in public health. How positive is that!


A month to go, now! Time for participants to think about insurance, exchange rates, sunscreen and sandals, and the coolest shades for sitting in the cafes and tavernas and looking out to sea. If you’re interested in coming but unsure about the level of yoga or any other detail of the retreats, get in touch. Retreats details are on and on the retreat pages on my website.

Home Studio

I seem to be operating a summer timetable. There aren’t enough people to fill all the classes. There is space next week, very few bookings, so take advantage. For next week’s classes you can see what’s available here. (I update this before posting this email.)  You can book here.


I’ll be going to the workshops of Tim Feldmann at Triyoga Camden, 24-26th August, bank holiday weekend. Fellow Kapsali teacher and Yoga Sister Lisa Maarit Lischak is coming too. Come with us.

If you’re looking for a festival, the Flo Vibe festival in Hampshire which has Yoga Meets Reggae on Sunday!  Another possibility is the Soul Circus on the weekend of the 19/20th in the Cotswolds. Ambra Vallo will be there… which is a draw.

Yoga in the news

Not much around this week. Working.It.Out in The Guardian has a plea for help from a 20-something who asks for career advice; ‘Should I give up my public sector career and teach yoga instead?’. It’s a no-brainer, surely! The replies from the Agony-Aunt readers show otherwise.

Have a cool weekend

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