Work From Ome

Dear Yogis,

A new yogi very, very generously gave me the reasons he was apprehensive about coming to class. He said that “it's the feeling of being an absolute beginner, being embarrassed, being unable to perform the moves, and being stiff as a board

Well! He came, he saw, he conquered!

I think it’s incredible how people overcome all kinds of worries and doubts and come to class and then, so quickly, they make it their own. As long as you breathe lovely long breaths - the most important thing we do in class – it’ll be fine, I promise! That’s how to train the nervous system, slow down the heart-rate, ease the muscles into stretches, relax and discover mindfulness. That’s how we de-clutter the mind and make friends with the body. I found this lovely, short, how-to You Tube about ‘Ujjayi’ breathing (‘Victorious Breath’). Take a look. Come to class and be victorious!

Home Studio

My rip-roaring success of an Ashtanga class - the new Tuesday class at 6.00 to unpick the Ashtanga practice - had two whole people this week! We learnt the Sanskrit count and how to practice Sun Salutations while counting. We learnt the Ashtanga Opening Chant and we closed the class with practicing AUM (Om) and feeling the effects. In this class there will inevitable be repetition so sign up – you haven’t missed out.

Yoga in the workplace

Work from Om! Give it a go. I have a newly freed-up morning so if you would like to try to introduce yoga into your workplace and the benefits of starting the day with fun and positivity, give me a call.

Yoga in the News

Valley Fontaine asks on the BBC World Service this week: ‘Yoga, Why Do We Do It?’. A little while ago, Naga Munchetty did a yoga TV programme, Bend it like Britain, despite knowing nothing about the subject. Valley Fontaine ends her radio programme with trying Downward Facing Dog... and giving up. It occurs to me that if you want to write a proposal/‘treatment’ for a radio programme about yoga, I’ll help you!

Have a lovely weekend and good luck with your April Fools tricks.