Like to the lark at break of day arising

Dear Yogis.

Clocks forward fold this weekend as we donate an hour to the early dawn. Now that the lightness of the evening shines positive energy upon us, it’s time to make plans for workshops, retreats and weekend events. If you’re looking for a suggestion, I’m going to the Yoga Connects Full Moon Glastonbury Festival, July 7-9. There are over 20 teachers, and what would it be without a ‘holistic area’ and ‘healing lotus yurts’! I’m familiar with the names of some of the teachers in the line-up (Ambra Vallo, Stewart Gilchrist, Eugene Vegan Butcher) and other teachers I can’t wait to practice with (Jim Tarran and Keef Miles). Why don’t you come!

Home Studio

You’re so inspiring! I’m sure most of you would make great yoga teachers. You could teach your skiing buddies, your rugby, running and triathlon buddies; you could teach in your workplaces, pubs and schools; you could teach people with injuries and conditions; you could teach your own age-group or tiny children. The House of Fraser is apparently introducing champagne bars and yoga studios! More places will follow and need teachers! Come to class – there’s plenty of space in my Home Studio next week and let me know if you want to be on a waiting list. (This week was a week of cancellations!)


A yoga teacher that I love to learn from, Jenny Fearnley, is teaching the Full Primary Series this weekend at Yoga West. I urge you to give it a go (Saturday 1:15 PM - 3:15 PM). In our one-hour classes we barely get through half of the series. It’s worth finding out what comes next: Boat Pose; Arm Pressure Posture which turns into crow... with the help of a miracle or two; Tortoise pose; Headstand. Let Jenny guide you through the delights and horrors.

Yoga in the news

I know many of you only come to my classes for the plank pose so I couldn’t resist this report from The Mirror: ‘Amazing athletic baby holds the plank yoga position for an impressive 34 seconds’.  On a different note, I know that some of you are interested in weight loss so this article from Lifehacker UK tells us that ‘Yoga Burns Serious Calories If You Do It Fast Enough’. The study tells us that you can speed up and burn 5.42 calories per second instead of 3.3 if you do a slower practice! The article very helpfully gives you a sequence and a timer to get you on your way! Try it and report back! I’ll do the same.

Have a lovely Spring weekend.