You Are Perfect

Dear Yogis,

Last weekend I attended workshops with Kino MacGregor. She’s a super star of the yoga world. I often play her CD of yoga chants in class when I teach. She’s funny and lovely to learn from, and here’s how the first workshop started: ‘Each person is born perfect. The purpose of the practice is to recognise that true spirit, not to accumulate postures – a sort of materialism when it comes to poses. Your worth doesn't depend on achieving a posture. If you operate from a sense of wholeness, the outcome is already whole. If you operate from the perspective of accumulating postures then you will never have enough to be whole.’  

Greek Yoga Retreat

Come with us! Take the last spot!

Here’s a recommendation from last year: "It was fabulous to go on a proper yoga retreat, I've been disappointed in the past and it put me off going for a while!! Both Tania & Lisa, the yoga teachers, were phenomenal, really knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging and awe-inspiring!! Covered lots of different types and aspects of yoga, I could go on and on……..a testament is that most of the class of 2015 are booking for next year, including me!!”

Home Studio

There are still places on Monday’s two classes next week. One is from 6.00-7.00 and the usual one is from 7.30-8.30. On September 1st I’ll reintroduce the Thursday class.


Next Thursday evening, 18.00, in Whitehall Gardens there is a yoga event to raise money for St Martin’s in the Field homeless charity, The Connection. All you need to do is take your mat and enjoy yoga in the Autumn evening. The teachers, Dora and Lisa say it’s: ‘a 60 minutes DONATION-BASED Yoga Class that welcomes all ages & all levels’ and ‘There is absolutely no stress about being new to Yoga’.

Hit & Run Physio

Oh the pain! I think it’s easier to be hit by a car and it’s certainly quicker! However, the elbow and the expertise are hugely appreciated and I’m looking forward to being pain-free with the physio’s help. My homework includes bridge pose with glutes engaged. Many yoga teachers instruct that bridge and wheel should be practiced without engaging the glutes – which I never really understood. The physio is very, very clear that glutes need every opportunity to strengthen, especially for a commuter cyclist like me as “cyclists don’t use glutes”! Here’s a very detailed article on the subject of glutes-or-no-glutes in backbends, in case you’re interested.