Core Blimey 2

Dear Yogis,

I get asked about core strength a whole lot. Here is a great programme on the subject from Lucas Rockwood. I have talked about him before. I like his style and his information and I hope to get over to Barcelona to practice with him sometime. In this programme about integrated core strength he and Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, a physiotherapist, talk about all the lovely things to do with core: diastasis recti for men and women, forward head posture, ribs jutting out/spinal extension, thigh joint pain, pelvic floor issues, 90-minute Mula Bandha, head alignment, the way the body should ‘stack’... Don’t get overwhelmed; it’s really a nice overview, that’s all, that will give some clues. Lucas gives is a link to more core information from his guest and the programme ends with questions people send to him. It’s a lovely programme.

Home Studio

This week I won’t be holding a Thursday class but I’ll resume the following week if there is demand. The other three days tend to get booked pretty quickly.  As I write this, Monday already has four people. I was incredibly proud of one of our yogis this week who told us all about practicing yoga to aid recovery after suffering crushed vertebrae. The bravery of some of the people I teach is magnificent.

Gym Yoga

To members of Eden Fitness in Ealing; the Friday morning class has reverted to 9.30. No change after all. My new class on Wednesday at 2.30 is looking forward to seeing you there too!

Free Yoga

There is free yoga in the park this summer courtesy of Yoga West, our very own west London yoga studio. . 

Not Free But Fun    

Triyoga is holding yoga classes on the roof of Selfridges in its ‘alfresco summer series’. ‘Classes are for all levels and include a nourishing breakfast of avocado on toast and fresh fruit juice to enjoy afterwards.’ This happens every Tuesday till 30th August 2016 at 10.00 - 11.00am. It costs£20 pre-booked online or £25 on the door.