Everyday Magic

Dear Yogis,

I was born at 6.40 in the morning of October 10th... but, in truth, we get the chance to be reborn every waking day. We can make resolutions and, if we fail, we get another chance tomorrow – very yogic. Time is a loving parent: always forgives, always moves forward, never looks back, and gives endless new chances whatever our faults. Birthdays are a time to remember that. I felt like magic all the way through Monday and tried to hold on to that sense of feeling special and feeling like the present day is ‘my day’. I recommend this approach! There’s a wonderful positivity you get – like a new love affair.

Home Studio

Plenty of spaces next week. The 6.00 class on a Monday doesn’t seem to have many takers so I have taken it off the timetable for now. I’ll put it back if there is demand. On the other hand, I have had the pleasure of welcoming many new yogis to my studio all motivated with different reasons, from different professions and looking to achieve different things. I’m excited by every new yogi that comes along. (I was very upset to hear that a celebrated yoga teacher from one of the big studios said teaching beginners is boring. Believe me, there is not ever a time that teaching yoga is boring. Not ever.) 

OM Yoga Show

The Yoga Show starts next Friday. It’s such fun. Even if you go for just one day to nose around, there are so many ‘free open classes’ and you can try-out styles and teachers you wouldn’t ordinarily come across. You can buy new gear and turn up to class in yoga fashion! It’s cool and un-cool at the same time!

Yoga Podcast

Here’s my favourite yoga broadcaster Lucas Rockwood talking about how to develop a home practice. Hilariously, he says that on some days you’ll have to call in late to work to get your practice in. Hmmmm! Danny Paradise says that yoga will make you unemployable! Hmmmm!

In Other News

The public ballot entry system for the 2017 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 is now open. I have my place.