Light Bulb Moments

Dear Yogis,

This morning I taught a class of 32 people in a studio that is used to taking 20-or-so. I’m always struck on a Friday morning by the sheer positivity of the class and the levels of effort. It starts my weekend in a way I am very attached to! I was struck this week when a couple of yogis said that they hadn’t realised how they had been getting a posture ‘wrong’... ‘all this time!’. Please don’t be harsh on yourselves. Teachers have many different ways and styles of teaching so inevitably some postures will come along under certain tuition which work. A slightly different instruction won't suit you. We’re all developing and refining. There are lots of light bulb moments on the way.

Home Studio

Plenty of spaces next week. The regulars have booked their spots and there’s room for more. I had a joyous week this week of welcoming a lot of newcomers to my little studio. I also had the pleasure of being a student in the class of Nina who was practicing her final teacher training assessment routine. I absolutely loved being a student for a whole hour in a small studio with an up-and-coming teacher. I attended her assessment (Friday 21st) with two other Home Studio Yogis and I couldn’t have been more proud. Of course, she passed!

OM Yoga Show

The Yoga Show starts today. It lasts three days. I’ll be there from Friday afternoon for David Sye’s workshop and, if there’s one thing to tempt you, it’s David Sye. Over the weekend I’ll be taking part in ‘Yogangster’ by Benjamin Sears and Goldie, Mythical Soulful Vinyasa with Tanja Mickwitz and Sweet Funk and Flow with Kathy Ran. Marcus Veda, too, if there are tickets left – he’s the one for the Rocket yogis.

Come and see what it’s like.

Yoga in the News

I thought this was funny... a matt for $1,000! And, if you’re interested in actual yoga, here’s an article about yoga in prisons.