Conducting Reiki Waves

Dear Yogis

I had an introduction to Reiki energy healing this week… an ‘initiation’ or ‘attunement’. It was fascinating! A Home Studio yogi who is a Reiki Master guided me along this path which is rather esoteric and other worldly. Attunement is like being tuned in as you would tune in a radio to pick up radio waves. Here’s what happened.

First, I practiced long Ujjayi breathing. I was told to breath in love and exhale gratitude. I found my images and motivations easily: the silver moon over Kapsali Bay is my place of love (easy to breathe in), and my gratitude is towards my endlessly gorgeous mother (easy to have glowing gratitude). Then I was told to send down roots deep into the earth. I thought of the reading I gave at a wedding recently: ‘Those that truly love have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms have fallen from their branches, they find that they are one tree and not two.’

AND THEN IT HAPPENED! My head filled up with… a feeling like marshmallow! It felt huge and round and warm and gently throbbing. Then my arms and hands felt big and warm. Then the right side of my intestines woke up and had a little throb. Then I swayed to my right and then back again. Then my left arm and hand seemed to get bigger and warmer and the left middle finger had a diamond glow at the tip. Then I had gentle pulsing in my head which made me nod rhythmically a tiny bit. Then the lower intestines heated up briefly. All of this took half an hour or so. It was intriguing, but I did feel that my hands with all their warmth could heal. I turned my hands down to cup my knees and send them some love. I’m told I should practice on plants!

Kapsali Retreat 2019

I’ve been checking flights to Kythera for the school half term of Monday 27th to Friday 31st May next year. I found that the journey there (leave Saturday 25th arrive Sunday 26th) needs an overnight stay in Athens. Sofitel hotel at Athens airport is not too expensive if sharing. Happily, it’s possible to return from Kythera on June 1st straight through from Kythera to London on Aegean. If you’re interested in an All Levels retreat let me know and I’ll start the arrangements. If that’s too soon for you, I’ll look at September dates as soon as flight timetables are available.

Home Studio

More joy in my Home Studio this week; more fun, more new yogis and more incredible one-to-one sessions. One yogi said her ph. level changed after our first class. Yes! Ujjayi breathing raises the carbon dioxide level in the blood which nudges the pH level back to a less alkaline state. Yet another benefit of the breathing practice. Come to class! Loads of spaces left and the 6.00 classes are back. You can see what’s available by clicking here.


This weekend I’m training at Triyoga Soho: Yoga for Athletes with Sarah Ramsden. Tonight’s session is mind mastery for enhanced performance and tomorrow, all day of course, is short, stiff & tight: how to work effectively with really inflexible people. Come with me if you relate to that!

Yoga in the news

The Irish Sunday Independent has: ‘Meet President Michael D Higgins' yoga teacher. The Yogi who is helping the President unwind’. The Irish President has had the same yoga teacher for a decade, ‘dashing’ Michael Ryan. Ryan says: "We do a lot of slow and steady movements and a lot of our work focuses on breathing through the movements. We also usually do a few standing poses, back poses and a lot of twists and positions that uncoil the spine. We target the areas of joint mobility and his back and his core." I wish more presidents were like that!

Wishing you a marsh mellow weekend.

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