Om Yoga Show 2018 Review

Dear Yogis

What can I tell you about last weekend’s Yoga Show: eating lots of free chocolate, coveting expensive yoga leggings, taking random classes, having treatments (some dodgy!), entering competitions to win luxury retreats. There were more companies advertising retreats than you can shake an incense stick at and endless supplies of turmeric lattes. I spent lavishly, as was predestined!

By far the most impressive teacher of the weekend was with 19-year-old Robin who qualified when she was 16. You can’t believe how assured and knowledgeable she is and how wonderful it is to learn from her. Her mission is to teach teens (based in the Gloucestershire area) and her website says that she is a youth ambassador for ‘Teen Yoga’ and for the British Wheel of Yoga, she speaks at conferences, and she works with the Medical College of London and is part of an All Part-Parliamentary Group (APPG) for yoga in education. I hadn’t achieved anything at that age!

The other thing of note was this app called YogaLingo. If you want to learn the Sanskrit names of the postures or if you are training to be a teacher, it’s really fun. (In the beautifully designed quiz I won third prize. My yoga brother, Ankur, won first!) It’s only available on Apple at the moment; a free version and a £4.99 version and its great company on public transport.

Home Studio

We’re coming into the season of colds. Please be mindful of others if you’re sniffling… and please skip the class. I caught a yogi’s cold this week and had to cancel some evening classes. Now might be a good time to remind you of Samahan, an Ayurvedic ‘tea’ which definitely helps lessen the impact. I’ll be up and running next week. Come to class. You can see what’s available on my website.


My wonderful teacher Valentina Candiani is holding her second 40hrs Aerial Yoga Teacher Training on the 8th-9th and 15th-16th December. It’s the only Aerial Yoga Teacher training in the UK dedicated to qualified Yoga Teachers and is a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program. I was Valentina’s guinea pig a long time ago when she trained in Aerial Yoga and I’m signing up to this. Come with me!

Eden Yogis, don’t forget Alain’s new Ashtanga classes: Monday 8.20-9.20 and Wednesday 2.00-3.30.

Yoga in the news

So many yogis mention to me they practice yoga with Adriene on You Tube. So many! Here’s The Telegraph with How the online yoga world fell in love with Adriene Mishler. She’s on European tour like a rock chick and in London she has taught over 2,400, more than even Kino Macgregor! Here’s how far she’s come: ‘She might now have a sponsorship deal with Adidas, but for a long time she owned just three pairs of yoga pants’. That’s heartbreaking!

Competing with the Telegraph’s recommendations of yoga mats, the Guardian pitches in with: From yin to iyengar: a yoga glossary. It’s nice run-through of the major styles of yoga to fill column inches.

Clocks go back on Sunday! Enjoy your lie-in.

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