Like a Long Necked Goose

Dear Yogi Friend.

If you’ve ever had back ache, or generally need to loosen up, I really have to insist that you check out Tias Little next time he comes into the country. I spent last weekend in workshops with him and I have never had such a stretch. I walked out of Triyoga like the loosest goose and shimmied down the street with an entirely unnecessary supermodel hip swing. Write to me if you want an example of three of the hip openers.

Talking of Triyoga (I mention their workshops quite a bit) here’s a class I took last year with Kino MacGregor at Triyoga Soho. I think there are over 70 yogis in there – and a filmmaker! If you fancy a practice at home or if you want to start an Ashtanga yoga club at work, this is what is called a ‘led’ class - half of the Primary Series. She’s a wonderful teacher. I recommend practicing with this if you’re familiar with the Ashtanga practice.

Home Studio

There’s waiting list only for Wednesday and Thursday this week, I’m afraid. We’ve been doing Tias Little stretches... Sometimes the body and the emotions need a stretchy, non-dynamic practice. Come and have a go.

Training Abroad

If you happen to reside in Washington or know anyone who does, the Kennedy Centre has free yoga in the Grand Foyer from March 4th to August 19th.

I booked two workshops in Valencia on April 4th and 5th with Manju Jois but I’m not available to go any more. Let me know if you might want these tickets or if you know anyone (in Spain) who might want to buy them.

Yoga in the news

He said he could do what he wanted'. Sound familiar? Here’s an article about Bikram Choudhury, the ‘celebrity yogi’ with a personal fortune estimated at $75m including a fleet of 43 luxury cars. If you have any interest in Hot Yoga and the ‘megalomaniac in Speedos’ this is a good article.