From Shapes to Sensations

Dear Yogis.

Tomorrow is my fifth anniversary of teaching. My first ever class was in Virgin Acton and I was petrified. I had ‘R’ and ‘L’ written on my toes so that I wouldn’t get my right and left mixed up. (I should have kept that up). I also drew a little picture of a tree and a boat on my feet so I wouldn’t forget those poses. I had reminders drawn all over my mat. I spent about an hour before the class repeating ‘Right foot forward, left heel down’. Before class I felt nauseous and took a plastic bag into class with me. That carried on for weeks. And suddenly, it’s five years later. If you want to be a yoga teacher I’ll do whatever I can to support you.


Five years later I get to train with the best teachers in the world. If I had money I would train with Tim Feldmann in Miami. As it is, Miami comes to me. He says inspiring things such as: ‘Yoga is located not in muscle and bone but in the esoteric. When we feel that, we get better. From shapes to sensations; then to the inner reality and what goes on in the mind’.

Home Studio

Places are filling up but there are spaces left. Book as soon as you can or drop me a line to get onto the waiting list. Monday saw four cancellations for one class so the waiting list was very successful that night.

My lucky Home Studio had its first ever chair yoga class this week. It’s an absolutely lovely way to teach yoga. The twist while holding the back of the chair is really satisfying. Try it in the office. Pigeon pose is fantastic. Hamstring with belt is surprisingly nice. All of it is nice. Take a look at the attached if you want ideas.


Come with me! Next up is Tias Little with a weekend of workshops entitled The Yogi + The Buddha next weekend. I also have training in Valencia with Manju Jois lined and up and then again with Manju in Finland in August. Follow the links if you fancy coming with me.

Yoga in the news

The great teacher Pattabhi Jois said that we should take one posture and hold it for three hours. Here’s someone who held Cobra for six hours. (Yoga will save your life!)

Happy Valentine’s Day