How to Make a Masterclass

Dear Yogis.

A very generous friend of mine invited me to join him in his private yoga class recently. It made me reflect that until you see a particular example of generosity, that act wouldn’t occur to you. Now that I know what it is to have such specialist dedicated attention and share it, I’ll make sure it’s on my list of things to do. My friend’s generosity and the masterclass experience made me want to bring a whole lot more to my mat – more concentration, more intention, more dristi, more bandha, more commitment. It was an incredibly special morning.


I start with this memory because our teacher that day was Andy Gill and he has a retreat coming up. I couldn’t recommend his teaching more – the calm and easy way you climb up to your best self and your finest yoga with him. That’s how I felt. If you’re looking for a yoga retreat, allow me to recommend this one. It’s in June, 18-24 in a place near Bergerac in France. It’s an Ashtanga retreat and perfect for all levels; beginners will be welcome and supported and advanced practitioners will be challenged. You’re in completely safe hands. (As yet, I’m not planning on holding a Greek Retreat this year. Do this one!)

Home Studio

Plenty of spaces next week apart from the Monday 6.00 class which is full. It makes me wonder if you would like an extra class on Tuesday at the same time. Let me know.  If you're wondering about teacher training or how to use a teacher training qualification, let me help you. I’m always grateful that the yoga life has put me in contact with such lovely people as those I teach. I'll help you on your path.


You might like this: David Sye is back with his Chocolate Tequila Workshop on 23 April in Canterbury. He usually does this at The Yoga Show in October. His company, Yogabeats, along with his peace movement projects, is a whole other universe of yoga. David is unique, irreverent and a lot of fun. He says that he wants to de-programme people; that he wants people to be wild and free! Tickets are £30.

Be warm this weekend!