Seal The Plank

Dear Yogis.

By far the most entertaining moment of my yoga week was learning all about the male pelvic floor in my lucky Home Studio. Here’s what I learnt: Men in a pub don’t want to ‘break the seal’ (go to the bathroom) after just one pint; this somehow means that when I teach forearm plank which engages the pelvic floor, men run out to the bathroom in horror, leaving the women to greedily enjoy plank pose! (I just love being a yoga teacher. Journalists are fond of saying that no two days are the same in their profession. They have absolutely no idea!)

I have consulted Dr Google about this pub etiquette and all the Mula Bandha yoga forums for men and I’m none the wiser... but slightly less spiritual! Rather than get into technicalities, I suggest less alcohol and more plank 

Home Studio

Come and have fun, do yoga, make friends, learn lots, leave with unexpected new information. I have everything you need to have a fulfilling yoga class – a variety of mats, blocks, belts, good company and anything else you might need. (A new review from a yogi can be found over the picture here.)


This weekend I’ll be training again with John Scott. He’s the one who said: “If you face the sun, all your shadows fall behind you” – a Māori Saying. At the beginning of February I’ll be training with Tim Feldmann at Triyoga. (He’s director of Miami Life Center, founded with his wife Kino MacGregor.) More Ashtanga! It looks as though there are places left if you want to join me.

Closing Chant

Today might be a good day to draw your attention to what is known as the 'Ashtanga Closing Chant' or the ‘Mangala Mantra’. My Ashtanga teacher, David Swenson, says that the closing prayer tradition was established after 9/11. Take a look at the words (an interpretation):

'May all of humankind be happy and well.

May the leaders protect the earth in every way by following the right path.

May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred.

May all the worlds be happy.'