Yoga on a battlefield

Dear Yogis,

We’re heading into June and hurtling towards the second ever International Yoga Day which falls on June 21st. The event, only in its second year, stirs interest that wouldn’t otherwise be stirred. Because of it, I’m getting booked to teach yoga in workplaces that see the event as a good ‘hook’ to get employees thinking about health and wellness. I’m so pleased this is happening more and more at work. An employer is really out of date if not providing wellness perks for employees.

Meanwhile, in the home of yoga...

India is planning elaborate, worldwide yoga demonstrations to celebrate International Yoga Day. Last year India’s main mass yoga event made it into the Guinness Book of Records. This year, according to the Hindustan Times: ‘The defence ministry will also organise yoga demonstrations and the home ministry has instructed all central armed police forces to hold mass yoga training sessions’. Yoga instruction by armed police! Now that’s... and interesting meditation aide.  


This weekend (Saturday 28th) I’m be attending a four-hour class on the Bhagavad Gita at Triyoga Soho. If you’re thinking of doing teacher training, this is a set text so consider coming with me. It’s a wonderful read. Events take place on a battlefield with a warrior who doesn’t want to fight and kill and cause suffering... he wants to be a brother, cousin, nephew, student and friend. God tells him not to be ridiculous, that he’s on a battlefield and not at a dinner party! (Kind of!). I read this in my last ‘proper’ office job when I was going through probation after probation, shifting goalposts and incredible lies. I was like the warrior who doesn’t want to fight. Instead, I wanted to be recognised as a great worker and colleague. I didn’t act in a way appropriate to my situation. If you’re on a battlefield, that’s where you are! The Bhagavad Gita reads as though it’s about war but it’s actually about right action and peace of mind. The battlefield represents our internal battles and the Gita tells us to step up to our true purpose in life.

... and then I became a yoga teacher!!!

Home Studio

Every class makes me reflect that I meet such lovely people though yoga! This Monday, as with the last bank holiday, I'll hold two classes here in my Home Studio. One will be at the normal time, 7.30, and you can book that through my website. I'll hold an extra one at 5.45 - 6.45 and you can email or text me to reserve a place. You may be on holiday - if so, have a lovely time. 


Thank you for your responses to my very light-hearted survey for International Yoga Day. If you didn’t see last week’s email, I’m putting together a Top Ten list of How to Please your Yoga Teacher. Send suggestions if you have a contribution that is fun and entertaining, intelligible to non yogis, short... and broadcastable! Thank you to the yogi who wrote ‘Get you game on’! Love it!