The Foot Whisperer

Dear Yogis,

Last week I had my first ever reflexology session and I thought I would share my experience with you. You might find it useful. Reflexology is a therapy that applies pressure to ‘reflex areas’ on the feet and hands. In this way, a reflexologist can detect imbalances in the body and nervous system and stimulate the body's own healing processes...  a perfect complement to yoga!

By working around my big toe, my practitioner told me that my neck was 'nice and loose'. Then she told me that my 'spine felt good'. Applying pressure to the zone that included my bladder felt really very nice! Loads of stress evaporated. Who knew! But the first thing I learnt was that a reflexologist can tell with one glance if you're drinking enough water. I was apparently dehydrated... and quite embarrassed. You can also see a foot whisperer for menopause, migraine, sleep problems and it’s great for adolescents in their hormone madness. I wish I’d known that!  Give it a go. Let me know if you need a contact.


Tonight at 7.30pm I’ll be doing “Headstand and Shoulder Stand” with Dina Karim at Triyoga Chelsea. I also plan to go to Amanda Denton’s Sunday class at Indaba at 4.30. (She was a gigantic and gorgeous influence on me when I was a new teacher.) You’re welcome to come with me if you like.

Home Studio

Classes get booked up online by people who are finding me through Google search. It’s very exciting to see new faces come through the door. It amazes and delights me constantly that there are so many fans of home studios; the simple setting and the camaraderie of a small class. If you are a regular here, try clicking the box for ‘recurring booking’ Next Tuesday and Wednesday are already full (unless a cancellation comes in) but there are places on Monday and Thursday.

Yoga in the News

The Telegraph (one of my ex-employers!) published an article by the science editor this week called: ‘Yoga better than crosswords for preventing pre-Alzheimer’s memory loss’... a snappy headline! Even though the article is about Alzheimers, it has information relevant to all of us, especially for people in the workplace who need to fend off brain tiredness and keep a sharp mind to stay ahead of their workload. For example: ‘Participants practising yoga and meditation were also less likely to be depressed and anxious, and were better able to cope with stress.’  Have a look here. 

Have a memorable weekend.