Secure, Safe and Special

Dear Yogis,

It gives me such great joy and satisfaction to teach. Last week, a yogi who is on a Triyoga Teacher Training course came to my studio to practice her assessment routine - an hour’s class for beginners. She was so good; I had such pride. I have since found out that she passed, that she kept to time, she explained everything clearly, and that she was generally amazing! She didn’t say that! She told me all about the ‘feedback’ and where she needs to improve and how she could do better! I read between the lines and saw that she was amazing!

This reminded me of the notes I made during the John Scott training in Cambridge two weeks ago. He spoke about relationships and what we ultimately need from one another: to feel secure, safe and special. This goes for the teacher/student relationship too.  Be drawn towards where you feel valued. You can see that when children are valued and loved, they blossom at school. Adults are no different! And in this crazy world of brutal ‘feedback’ – especially in the workplace - we need to make the yoga world different. We are learning, in a yoga class, how to be confident. That comes from ‘stilling the fluctuations of the mind’ and hushing the needless chatter which leads to self-doubt.

You can also think about those John Scott values in a yoga posture practice. Be secure in your foundation, bandhas, balance and alignment. With security comes safety to relax and establish freer breathing. When we take great interest in the breath we can realise how very special it is, how magical our body is... and how very special we are. Practice these values.


The yoga mat industry is mesmerising. Can you believe that you can easily spend £100 on a mat? I’m a fan of spending much less than that... but I still need a bit of anti-slide grip. Lululemon is selling off its UN-Mat. It’s a thin mat cover. It’s light and easy to carry around and it is half price at the moment – from £42 to £24: (or, from the menus, Women > We Made Too Much > scroll to the bottom). Don’t worry about the colour – you can use the black side! You can also come to practice in my Home Studio and try it out.


The second week is different from the first – which is really filling up. Week 2 is not full on yoga – two classes a day, yoga yoga yoga! It’s all about getting away: starting the day with a yoga class and then relaxing or exploring for the rest of the day - letting the island look after you and entertain you. To that end, I have called this retreat Yoga ‘n’ Chill! Take a look from the menu bar.  Get in touch if you need more information. Secure a place with a £50 deposit. 


Come and see what it’s like to experience yoga in a small group with instruction and adjustment specific to you. You can read testimonials/leave feedback here on the Good Times Yoga website. Click on 'About Me' in the menu bar and the 'Testimonials' option appears.

Some of you are getting into the swing of booking online. For people who haven’t been here before, I can reserve the place for you. It means that you get a reminder and the option to cancel, and I get a cancellation notice instead of a no show. However, last minute cancellations mean that I can’t use my waiting list – I turned away two people this week. Please give as much notice as you can.