Austerity, passion and peace! Yikes!

Dear Yogis,

The British Museum is putting on a special event in an attempt to tell us about the ‘fundamental meaning’ of yoga. Here we go again! It’s called “Yoga: austerity, passion and peace” and it takes place next month on Friday 8 April 2016 at 18.30–20.00. Lots of notice! I cancelled all my clubbing plans and bought a ticket. Have a look at the full description if a Friday night of talking about austerity and passion strangely interests you:

Home practice

I had an interesting lesson in posture practice and ego last week. I had a photoshoot in my home studio for the website (take a look – incredible photography!). The postures weren't linked or logical but my standing-half-lotus-forward-fold has never been so deep. Home practice should be like this; full of surprise and fun, satisfying, not over concerned with logic. We’re more likely to practice on our own that way. However, keep an eye on the ego and ambition! The next day will tell you that a slower and more logical ride into advanced postures is a better idea. My legs took a while to recover... and a few pain-killers!

Second Greek Yoga Retreat

I’m really excited about putting on a yoga retreat for people who are not sure that the full-on all day yoga thing is right for them. This is a nice half-way point. Yoga every day in the morning will teach you plenty of new things and step up your practice phenomenally. Kapsali Bay in Kythera (also spelt Kithira) is the perfect place for relaxing and recharging, reclaiming the person that you could be without the workload and responsibilities.  Navigate over to the retreat pages. Flights for Kithira (this is the spelling airlines use) are pretty good in price – budget lines will be cheaper than BA, of course. If you were hoping to use Flight Centre, they can only book flights originating in the UK, not the Greek internal flights. The flight from Athens to Kithira can be bought on the Olympic website.

 Book Online – Home Studio

Classes in my home studio have been a real joy. On Monday we paid attention to backs and elbows! On Tuesday a small class with inversions. On Wednesday we built up to Eight-Angle Pose - called  Astavakrasana in Sanskrit. It's the kind of pose you might do at a break-dancing party. On Thursday, members of Ealing’s Special (Yoga) Branch were here. Total joy! You can always come here and work through a posture that you’re trying to figure out – we can work it into a class and find alternatives for everyone.

And it would be really nice to get some new testimonials from you – you can post them on the ‘testimonials’ page on this website