Teach Because You Love It

Dear Yogis.

I spent last weekend training with my guru, David Swenson, my Ashtanga teacher. Next year I might have to insist that you come with me, especially if you’re considering taking a yoga retreat or teacher training. Guru Swenson was asked what he would say to an aspiring yoga teacher:

  • Teach because you love it.

  • Teach when you have students.

  • Don't teach to make money. 

  • One person is a class. Give your heart and energy and passion for yoga to that student.

  • The people who are good teachers would have been good teachers despite their training or where they qualified.

  • Teach with sincerity, integrity, and respect the (Ashtanga) system.

  • The duty of a teacher is to facilitate and inspire.  

Home Studio

I love to hear: ‘I couldn’t touch my toes when I started coming to yoga’. Yup, I relate to that! I love seeing postures going from absolutely impossible to merely difficult to doable to easy. I love seeing backache or sciatica ease. I find it so exciting to teach you. There are a couple of places left next week. Book a place!

Eden Fitness, New Class

The two Friday morning classes last week, the first with 15 yogis and the second with 20, worked like a charm. Introducing the earlier class has eased the numbers perfectly. Don’t forget the midweek class, Wednesday at 2.30-3.30, too.

Yoga in the News

This writer saw that I’ve turned off the news, lost interest in protest and made yoga my life. I’ve been spotted. “Time to roll up the yoga mats and man the barricades” by Brigid Delaney was in the Guardian this week.

Book Review

I can't help it... I'm attaching an extract from the delightful Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham 

Sakyon Mipham Rinpoche - Running with the Mind of Meditation: