Give Up The Fruits Of Your Labour

Dear Yogis

Something has been on my mind since my weekend with Tim Feldmann’s. He talked about ‘giving up the fruits of your labour’. This idea comes from the Bhagavad Gita and it’s useful in posture practice as well as in spiritual endeavour. Sri Dharma Mittra (visiting Indaba next February) often says if you’re struggling with a posture it’s because you’re not practicing ‘bhakti’ - love and devotion. He says ‘offer up’ your practice and then the difficult posture will come. Hmm, nice, but you need a few more pointers than that. Here they are…

Tim Feldmann talked about yogis yearning to get straight to the result instead of concentrating on the toil. I see this all the time when I teach Bakasana, Crow Pose. The eagerness to jump the feet off the floor means that no balance is established to hold the pose. Similarly in headstand: forget strong arms, shoulders, core and legs; kick up, kick about a bit, then collapse in a heap. What went wrong?

Tim says: “you changed your mind from the effort to the effect! Don’t put your mind on the result; always put your mind at the root of the activity. Success happens or doesn’t happen, don’t be concerned. If you put your mind on the result, the posture won’t work”.  When projecting on the result, the mind isn’t still enough, not meditative enough, not selfless enough. Don’t project on the outcome! Just do the work with all your might and make your discoveries there.

Kythera Retreats

The first group is leaving this Sunday (9th). I had an unbelievably last-minute cancellation. If you want to be totally impulsive and come, get in touch! There are no classes in my Home Studio for the next two weeks. The next classes here are on the week beginning Monday 24th September.

Yoga in Ealing

Try out one or two of these. If you are completely new to Triyoga you get your first month for £54 or an introductory two classes for £20. For your Ashtanga needs go to Zeena Kalisperides at Yoga West – you just can’t go wrong with her and the Yoga West space is just lovely. If you don’t like big studio classes try Cath Barnes-Holt, an Iyengar teacher in West Ealing and Northfields. Or First Class Free with Ladan Soltani  in Ealing Town Hall and West Ealing. Also free are classes in Lululemon in Westfield, Shepherds Bush, every Sunday at 10.00. Finally, a perfect winddown to your weekend is with Ruth Voon for Yin on a Sunday evening at Triyoga Ealing.


I would definitely do this if I wasn’t in Greece: Wanderlust108 is a ‘Mindful Triathlon’ of running, yoga, and meditation. It’s on September 15 at Battersea Park. It’s a 5k run, 75 minutes of Yoga and 25 minutes of guided meditation and then from 1.00-5.00 there are classes and other activities. Goldie will be there! When I get back from Greece I’ve signed up for the Ealing Half Marathon… no training! I could do with your company for that!

Yoga in the news

Elite Daily has a rather sweet article: 5 Life Lessons From Yoga That Will Stick With You Long After You Hop Off The Mat. ‘The physical poses are honestly the least interesting thing about the practice; rather, they are the gateway to acceptance, self-love, and unconditional compassion.’ The first of the 5 things is how your thoughts shape your reality! It’s a sweet article!

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