Happy New Year's Resolutions 2019

Dear Yogis

Season’s Greetings! I hope you had a nice time this week. Just a few days of not teaching and I miss you! However, it’s so important to take time off to rest and reflect. It’s what makes the New Year the right time for resolutions and aiming for a higher version of yourself. Not for nothing people try to stay dry in January (alcoholically speaking) and Veganuary has been going since 2014 and looks like it’s here to stay. Here are some non-alcoholic drink recipes and/or, for Veganuary, you could join me for a cooking course by Yuuga Kemistri. And if you live in East London you have your very own M*lkman doing rounds with his nut-milks of joy.

What about a yoga resolution! Do you need one? Just enjoy classes! Maybe you could try a class you wouldn’t normally take. Triyoga has end of year special packages: 5 class festive pass for £65 (£13 per class) 8 class festive pass for £96 (£12 per class). Try something different!

Home Studio

I’m really looking forward to starting up again next week. Only two classes next week; the Ashtanga classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Updated bookings and spaces left can be seen on the booking page of this website.


I’m signed up for a few things this year and I hope you’ll join me. Teaching Yoga in Sport is a course that takes place over six weekends over the year with Sarah Ramsden. In February you’ll find Day Christensen in Winchester. She’s a favourite teacher of my friend Lisa and you can register interest here. I’ve signed up of Ty Landrum in April at Triyoga. Whatever you do, try a workshop.

Yoga in the news

GQ Magazine is promoting meditation with this: ‘Before you swear off meditation for good, try a gong bath’. ‘Leo Cosendai is a gong meditation teacher who believes sound baths are the way to meditate if you don't like the mainstream approach.’ He says: ‘“I think meditation can seem really abstract and complicated and reserved for certain people. Really a gong bath – or a sound bath or sound meditation – makes meditation accessible. It makes it an experience rather than homework or something on your to-do list.’

This is one for cricket fans. Sky Sports tells us: Cameron Bancroft 'nearly quit cricket for yoga' following ball-tampering ban’. He says: ‘"Until you are able to acknowledge that you are Cameron Bancroft, the person who plays cricket as a profession, and not Cameron Bancroft the cricketer, you will not be able to move forward.’ How yogic!

Happy New Year!

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