New Year, New Resolutions

Dear Yogis

Well! We jumped to light speed and hurtled past Christmas. I hope you had a lovely time. One of my favourite moments, apart from Star Wars, was hearing how my cousin has given up sugar (carbs) and how much better he looks and feels. Right on cue my favourite podcaster Lucus Rockwood has a podcast on how to love your body... by not poisoning it with sugar and carbs! His guest talks about Fruit Free Smoothies... I know I have too much fruit. Based on this podcast I ordered a blood glucose monitor. Lucas Rockwood very helpfully says that no matter what your age or what your condition you can turn it around by eating intelligently and start to feel better within 24/48 hours.


We need to line up our resolutions in time for New Year’s Eve. What’s yours? I resolved, after the Yoga Connects Festival this summer, to go to more yoga festivals. I just loved life in a field, mixing with yoga hippies and nomads. (I’ll start in February with Day Christensen in Winchester – not quite a field and not very hippy but it’s a start and organised by my friend Lisa. Come with me!) I’m making a new resolution to study Thai Yoga Massage. I had a small experience of it at the Yoga Show in October and loved it.

Home Studio

Classes are back next week apart from Monday. Otherwise, there are places left and you’re welcome to come. Instead, on Monday 1st January, Triyoga has a day of free yoga. Triyoga takes donations for for classes and gives the money to Ealing Soup Kitchen. It’s a lovely studio – so go and see why Ealing continues to be the Queen of the Suburbs!


Information about Valentina’s Yoga Teacher Training Refresher and next Teacher Training courses can be found on her Facebook page.

Yoga in the News

Wellbeing trends of 2017, according to, include Turmeric Lattes, Teetotalism and ‘casual Veganism’. (More and more cafes in Ealing offer alternative coffees. Harris and Hoole in Ealing has Turmeric Lattes.) If you’re travelling for New Year celebrations, try 8 Great Yoga Moves You Can Actually Do on an Airplane according to Bravo TV.

Happy New Year. All the best for 2018. Tell me what your resolutions are.

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