Diet and Yoga

Dear Yogis.

Sometimes I get asked about diet – in particular a vegan diet. Before going any further I have to say that different diets suit different people (Ayurvedic principles) but, probably, everyone needs to look into supplements. Here’s a lovely podcast by my favourite podcaster Lucas Rockwood about exactly that. He had a blood test done and, in this edition, discusses the results with a doctor. They are a bit longwinded but it isn’t often you hear people talking about digestive enzymes and detoxification pathways and the effects of plastics and pesticides and heavy metals. It’s never a waste of time to hear talk of B12 deficiency, or if the sun gives enough Vitamin D (discussed at 27.35)? Artificially lowering cholesterol is a fashion... what are the consequences?

Does this have anything to do with yoga? Is there a philosophical case for a yogic diet? Jivamukti Yoga believes so. I have taught many people who instinctively tweak and improve their diet without any prompting.

Home Studio

There are plenty of spaces in my Home Studio next week. More and more new yogis are coming along; some ordered to attend by partners, all leaving with a sweat and a smile. Every day I reflect on how lucky I am. Many people book a few weeks ahead and so I need to say that there will be no classes in the first week of August. I’ll be training with Manju Jois. (Lovely interview with him here.) When you find that no classes show up in the booking system for the full week, that’s why.


I’m not taking a retreat this year but there seems to be more and more interest in yoga retreats. In order to take the plunge and commit to a teacher for a non-stop week, you need to have confidence in their teaching, their kindness and their knowledge of yoga and its intelligent variations for different bodies and needs. You’ll have heard me mention Andy Gill in class and I’ve mentioned his workshops in previous Friday Emails.  If you’re looking for a recommendation, you couldn’t be safer than in his classes. He has a retreat coming up later this month at EcoYoga in the Scottish Highlands. Have a look.

Yoga Festivals

Having been to my first yoga festival, I’m hooked! Here are a few if you fancy some Outdoor Omming. CAMYOGA’S ‘Waterfront Yoga Festival’ is a free, packed event for just one manageable day, Saturday August 5th. Then, the Soul Circus Festival is outside Gloucester in Elmore, August 18th – 20th.  There you’ll find Maxi Jazz from Faithless DJ-ing a yoga class, giving a Buddhism talk and DJ-ing the ‘After Party’. You’ll find brilliant teachers I’ve mentioned before like Marcus Veda, Dan Peppiat and Ambra Vallo. Finally, Wanderlust 108 bills itself as a mindfulness triathlon. You have a 5k run, a 90-minute yoga session and a 30-minute guided meditation for £21.80 – £30. It’s in September on the 23rd and starts at 7.30 in Victoria Park, London. Celest Pereira from triyoga will be teaching – I have taken a January 1st class with her and she is very inspiring. Here are a few more options.

Yoga in the News

The Kilted Yogis are back. The Scotsman reports that they have a book called Kilted Yoga: Yoga Laid Bare.