One O' Level: Many Chances.

Dear Yogis

I found a gem about BKS Iyengar’s beginnings that might give encouragement to exam households. Today, Iyengar Yoga is a worldwide business born of its founder’s unpromising beginnings. He was born to a mother who suffered in the 1918 worldwide flu epidemic in pregnancy. He apparently believed that weakened him physically and mentally; he failed his school certificates. I hope you pass all exams and get your dreams but, more importantly, I hope you find your calling. No amount of exam success or failure should stop that. My career has nothing to do with the one O’ Level (Woodwork) that I left school with, nor the Politics degree that I eventually got.

Home Studio

This week we had our first Thursday early evening Ashtanga class at 6.00. It was so nice! I’ve added it as a permanent fixture to the evening line-up here so you’ll find it on the booking calendar. Those who come here will have noticed it’s getting Bikram here. Heat can be encouraging for the body and you may find that you’re more bendy. In Bikram classes it isn’t unusual to see men in Speedos and women in bikinis.  I say this with trepidation: wear whatever you’re comfortable in!

Classes next week are filling up. When booking online, please make sure you click the 'Book' button to complete the booking process. If you need to cancel you can use the link on your confirmation email.

UN International Yoga Day

IYD is celebrated this Sunday 18th but the actual day is next Wednesday 21st, the longest day of the year. On Wednesday you can celebrate IYD and the summer solstice with a yin yoga session and bath in Broomfield Park N13 4HE for £7. This is offered by Tranquillity In The City and you can book a place via At Triyoga you can celebrate all next week (19th – 23rd) by taking a friend for free, one who is new to Triyoga.  They also have a free class next Wednesday at 7.30-8.30!

Yoga in the news

The Times today tells us what we already know: that yoga deactivates stress responses. The article reports on an accademic study that investigates the genetic impacts of meditation.

Lovely Feedback

'I arrived feeling down and glum, and left feeling everything was right with the world'.

“I can stretch easily in a way I didn't think would be possible in such a short period of time and I can see now how my breath guides me easily through the different poses. It’s astonishing to discover the wonderful things my body is able to do.”

“You always make me amaze myself”.