Roots of Yoga

Dear Yogis

I was absolutely delighted to see that Dr Mark Singleton, is back with a new book promotion at SOAS on April 24th (this Monday), to promote Roots of Yoga. His previous book ‘Yoga Body’ is an absolute page-turner. The new book launch event is led by Radio 4’s Mukti Jain Campion (who produced a very listenable programme last year for International Yoga Day). Dr Mark Singleton tells me that the free evening will be filmed and posted on the SOAS website. I’ll find it and include it in a future email. (It was in a workshop with him that I got my first headstand-with-ease... my legs floated up like magic! With that magical memory I’m always excited to hear of his writings!)

Home Studio and Gym

I have loads of Easter thanks to give. On Easter Friday we packed 35 yogis into that little gym studio at Eden Fitness (which fits 20 comfortably!) and I know many brought loved ones with them. I’m completely honoured. I was also thrilled to get Quinoa/avocado-based vegan chocolate cake from one yogi and a box of vegan chocolates from another – both disappeared shockingly quickly!

There are still places in the Home Studio classes Monday and Tuesday of next week if you too need to burn of Easter excesses. If you’re planning on teacher training or just want to deepen your knowledge of yoga practice, the 6.00 Tuesday class goes into the Ashtanga system in more depth than you’d normally find in classes.

Horses sweat, Men perspire, Women glow, Yogis shower!

It’s getting hot. My studio is warm. Summer is sliding into view and bringing with it various levels of sweat, perspiration and glow. Please shower before class! Give your shoes the sniff test. My little studio takes six yogis so there’s nowhere to hide and scented candles can’t cope! Incense would smoke us out. If you’re coming straight from work you’re welcome to have a shower here. The shower room is for yogis.


Last Saturday I did a workshop called Ashtanga and Ayurveda with Andy Gill and Justin Robertshaw. I had to find out what my Dosha is before the class. I dutifully did this – you can search online for ‘Ayurveda quizz’ – and went to the workshop as a Kapha with a bit of Vata and pitiful Pita. I had no idea what this meant and didn’t relate much to the websites and the conclusions of their quizzes. However, during the workshop I couldn’t believe how typically and totally Kapha I am and how that knowledge explains my behaviour, energy, even things I say and my reactions to people. I’ll let you know if and when another Andy Gill Ayurveda workshop comes up. It’s fascinating.

Marathon Runners.

Good luck! Triyoga will be celebrating your wonderfulness by offering a free class to anyone who takes in their 2017 London Marathon medal from the 24 – 30 April to any triyoga centre. Through the same link you can find free Yoga For Sports classes on the 26th, 27th and 29th of this month.