Yoga for the Blind

Dear Yogis

I’m still buzzing, and a bit achy, from my two weeks of training. In the end, the foot refused to go behind the head! I don't really blame it!.

The final session of training with David Swenson last week was in collaboration with the RNIB. Unsighted people joined our class and we made groups of three to experience yoga poses; one person unsighted, two people supporting. Poses included headstand and handstand!  Sighted yogis closed their eyes to experience postures and the tricky question of balance without sight. Everybody learnt something about the magic and liberating feeling yoga gives.

At home you can have a go at Sun Salutations with your eyes closed. David Swenson started our session by saying that yoga isn't about how good you look, how aligned your postures are, or checking yourself in the mirror, or about the latest mat or clothing. Yoga is all about what you don’t see. Close your eyes and find your inner guru! 

Home Studio

Once again I welcomed new yogis to my little studio this week. It’s always a joy. Thank you for bringing friends and loved ones. There are spaces left next week and I have added a one-off extra class on Wednesday at 6.00pm. (If you need to cancel, there should be a link at the bottom of your confirmation email. You can also check your bookings there.)

Yoga in the News

The Times (the paper of note!) tells us of ‘The rise of the yoga couple’. The paper helpfully tells us that ‘There was a time when the only couple to confess to doing yoga together were Sting and Trudie Styler’ but now Meghan and Harry prove that they are quintessentially a modern couple by starting their day with yoga! Rock on!

I’m giving in to stories of goat/beer/spliff/ yoga to show you this story called London gets new non-alcoholic brewery”. The company, in east London, hosts beer yoga sessions after which you can taste their produce ‘Kosmic Stout’!

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