Friday Newsletter - Love Having Feet!

Dear Yogis

Twice this week and several times in the past I have come across people with instability from the feet /ankles which causes wobble in some postures and total collapse in others.  It's okay.  You just have to figure out where the instability is... and strengthen that part. The Australian Ballet has a wonderful YouTube on how to strengthen ankles. This might be the thing to help:

When a teacher encourages you to work the feet (press them down, press the ball of the big toe, lift up on inner arches, press the outside edge of the foot, etc) it's easy to tune out. You’re struggling with the complexities of the posture, after all. But the actions of the feet have been a theme of mine in class ever since I spoke to the Traffic Prosecution Police and found out that my hit & run driver barely missed running over my feet. Unshockable police were shocked! I've been LOVING having feet ever since and urging yogis to pay attention in class to theirs! This horrific story seems to work! More stability for those complex postures!

Home Studio - Ealing, West London

The new Thursday 8.00pm class in my home studio is up and running. Here’s my weekly timetable:

Every Monday at 7.30 - 8.30pm - Yoga
Every Tuesday at 7.30 - 8.30pm - Yoga
Every Wednesday at 8.00 - 9.00pm - Ashtanga Yoga
Every Thursday at 8.00 - 9.00 - Yoga

Details on my website or just email me.


Some of you mention an interest in trying out various yoga studios, courses and workshops, and classes with well-known teachers. David Williams, the guy credited with bringing Ashtanga yoga to the West, will be back here in London in July. A long time off, I know, but worth considering. One of those sessions will be a history of yoga. More here:

Fantastic Teachers

My own guru, Valentina, will be holding a Teacher Training Information Session to meet her and her Shakti Power Yoga graduates. It’s on Sunday February 28th at 3pm. If you’re interested in teacher training, or in trying out her studio in Hammersmith, come with me! I’ll be going. 

Also take a look at Alain’s teaching timetable if you’re an Ashtangi: