Yoga is not an elite club for the fit. It is the duty of the teacher to figure out how anyone who is interested can participate.
— David Swenson, Ashtanga Teacher

This Is Me - Tania Shillam

I have been practicing yoga since the 1990s and trained to become a teacher with Shakti Power Yoga, a registered Yoga Alliance school, qualifying in December 2011.

I teach Vinyasa, Dynamic, Power, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. I adapt classes to the needs or the level of participants.

I teach in workplaces and have a studio in Ealing Broadway for group classes and private sessions. I teach a huge variety of people; from beginners to advanced yogis, from athletes to people with health concerns.

I understand completely when people think that they are not flexible enough for yoga. It feels like yesterday that I had monstrous runner’s inflexibility and no hope of balance or yogic alignment. During my Yoga Teacher Training my running improved, my step was lighter and timings faster.

Since teaching in the workplace I have adapted traditional sequences to deal with common workplace problems such as back and neck pain and sciatica. Private clients have taken me in the direction of Yoga-as-Medicine, to help them with health issues.

“The goal of a teacher is to encourage, inspire and facilitate the yoga practice of a student”.
— David Swenson