A lot of students in their minds set themselves up for failure in their home practice because they think that it has to replicate or repeat the exact same experience as a yoga class. You want to just develop a simple routine that is warm and satisfying to you. Start with poses you love! Maybe that will create enough momentum that you will then diversify your practice at home, but at first, start with what you love.
— Jason Crandell, Yoga Teacher

Please try these videos at home

Here are a few ideas to get you going, from Sun Salutations to Pranayama. The 'Yoga for Backs' is particularly useful if you have back issues. It is based on a sequence given by a physiotherapist to a young man who had a slipped disk.The music I play often in class is 'Mantra for Healing' by The Sacred Sound Choir. It's on some of these YouTube films as well. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/1ubVhfI

Sun Salutations 3A and 3B

Sun salutations, as the name implies, bestows positivity. Not just for the name which inevitably conjures up dawning imagery but also in the beneficial effects of the movements. The lifting of the arms, broadening the chest, elongating the spine all speak of opening and empowering. The whole routine has some weight/resistance training, gentle cardiovascular training and loosening of joints and stretching of muscles.

Back Strengthening And Stretching

A gentle workout to help recover from back problems. (If you've suffered a slipped disc, see a physio before exercising.)

Yoga For The Morning

This is less than 10 minutes. It may warm you up nicely so that you'll want to click on another film and do more. You may feel that this is enough. Either way, you can't go wrong.

15 Minutes Yoga to beat Fatigue

When you can't fit in a full practice, when you're not sure what energy stocks you have, do this. Rest a lot and breathe a lot.

Just a quickie: Hamstrings

A nice Yin Yoga technique to ease the hamstrings into a gentle stretch. Do 4/5 minutes each side. You should completely relax when doing this. No strain in the neck. Move the belt up away from the neck if you have strain.

There are suggestions of other stretches for the legs and back to finish.

More Hamstrings

Unfortunately, you don't get to choose when the hamstrings stretch! You just get to show up and do the work. The hamstrings will stretch when they choose. Here are a few things you can do. Patience is the main thing!

This film starts with a seated forward fold but, if you can't do that, there are other suggestions later on.


Seven minutes of breathing technique including Alternate Nostril Breathing

Start with something really basic. The way that my teacher would work with beginners was to start off with a very short easy practice of the Sun Salutations that takes between five and ten minutes to learn and practice. Beginners should just enjoy being beginners and take it easy, have fun and enjoy their practice. Don’t worry about doing it every day. Start off with a modest goal and then let yoga inspire you to do more.
— Kino MacGregor, Yoga Teacher